Sydney - Hidden Within Every Suburb of Sydney is a Treaure Trove of History

Welcome to Sydney Vista - A comprehensive look at the suburbs of Sydney's Metropolitan Area. Discover the history behind each suburb and what makes each one so unique.

Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city and was built on land once occupied by the Eora tribe. In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook set out on the ship H.M. Bark Endeavour to explore the South Pacific. On this expedition Cook landed in Botany Bay on the 29th April 1770, becoming the first recorded white man to land in "New Holland" (later to be named Australia). In 1788 the first fleet anchored in Botany Bay to establish the first colony in Australia as a result of Cook's earlier expedition. This was a direct result of America declaring independence from Britain on the 4th of July 1776 and abolishing the transportation of convicts to their country.

Sydney sketch drawn in 1788,